Bierberaa  Building and Brewing

Bierberaad: Building and Brewing

DatumVrijdag 5 juni 2015
20:00 - 23:00 uur
Subcategorie proeverij, masterclass, symposium
Bierberaad talks beer, yeasts, flavors and fermentation. It's a cross-disciplinair platform discussing the latest beer design but also experiments, failures and crossovers.

Talks Growing The Swaen

For more than a century The Swaen's malthouse has been producing premium quality malt for all types of beer, from pale lagers through to dark ales, bitters and stouts. For them making malt is a craft. Since 2014, The Swaen and their barley breeders decided to create the joint venture the Growing the Swaen. The goal of this collaboration is to improve the cultivation of barley in a sustainable way.

Berend Strik and Matthijs Bouw from Bierpaviljoen

The Beer Pavilion is a design by artist Berend Strik and architect Matthijs Bouw that recycles urine and transforms it into beer. The facade of the pavilion is transparent which allows viewers to see the process and both the urine and beer floating through the construction. The urine is filtered and then used to make beer, which means there is no use of clean water and waste water is recycled.

Two Chef's

The Two Chef's, two former chef's, started an Amsterdam brewery in 2012. Looking for more barley, more hops and more tastiness they brew some special beers such as Dirty Katarina, Green Bullet and Kinky Koos.


Naam: Biotoop Mediamatic
Adres:Dijksgracht 6
Plaats: Amsterdam
Telefoon:+31 20 638 9901

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